ACDC delivers customer comfort first.


Is DC air conditioner better than AC counterpart?

ACDC air conditioner consumes 3 times less power and 10 times more reliable for automotive application. ACDC is a mini-split air conditioner which is tried and proven for trucks, RV and van conversions.


How long ACDC can run?

Power comes from the battery and performance depends on the battery chemistry. For example, LiFePO4 300Ah battery can last 10 hours at standard operating condition. Product specification is available in the link: ACDC 12V Air Conditioner Specification  


Can it be done DIY? 

ACDC 12V air conditioner installation is as simple and easy as ABC. It can be installed by Do-It-Yourself. HVAC specialist is recommended for the refrigerant hose vacuum process, but it can be doable DIY. Installation manual is available in the link: ACDC-Installtion Manual-JLee


How much can ACDC save?

How many miles you may drive, you need a home away home. ACDC air conditioner can help. American Semi-Truck Transportation Survey finds an average 1,200 hours of idling, which is equivalent of $11,000 fuel and maintenance cost annually. Your ACDC investment makes sense even in year 1.