ACDC is a 12V DC air conditioner. ACDC can help RV owners and trucking drivers improve the bottom line while keeping drivers cool and comfortable with a no-idle air conditioning solution. You can find ACDC brand products at Amazon

ACDC Installtion Manual
ACDC 12V Air Conditioner Specification

1. High Efficiency
Provides 6000BTU cooling power with 20 SEER. Power consumption 300W-795W, and rated current 25A-66A. LiFePO4 200Ah battery can support more than 8 hour long operation
2. Low Voltage Disconnect Protection
Automatically disconnects power to the system if the battery power is lower than the vehicle’s starting voltage at 10.5V
3. All Directional Installation
Outdoor unit of this air conditioner can be oriented in any direction, either wall-mounted or horizontally on the rooftop of the vehicle
4. Environment Friendly
R-134A refrigerant via vibration-resistant rubber hoses and no carbon dioxide emissions
5. Save, Save, Save
No engine idling fuel consumption, no engine idling-related maintenance